Five Key Benefits of Having Student Contents Insurance

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New laptop? Check. Box fresh trainers? Check. A month’s supply of packet noodles? Check. There’s nothing quite like ticking off the student starter pack as day one of university gets closer by the day.

But as you’re rounding up your new collection of gadgets for your course, it’s easy to forget that this will also make you a prime target for theft.

According to the latest Home Office Stats, one third of students become victims of crime and almost a quarter of student robberies happen in the first six weeks of term. Burglars are becoming savvier than ever before. Break-ins to student houses are on an ever-increasing rise – and freshers are the most vulnerable to them. 

Whilst there’s no guarantee that you can stop them, you can protect yourself with student contents insurance. This policy was brought on specifically for students and covers any valuables that are lost, stolen, or damaged. Student home insurance is here to enable any insured victim to make a claim for a replacement.

Here are five reasons to get student’s content insurance:

Fire Safety
  • Students are a target for criminals
  • Accidental damage is likely to happen
  • Students have a lot of kit that would need replacing
  • It’s cost effective and easy to shop around for the best deal
  • You’re probably not covered by your parent’s home insurance policy

It may seem like an unnecessary and expensive addition to your Uni starter pack, but it’s super easy to do. The benefits far outweigh the short time it takes to set it up – plus, it gives you total peace of mind whenever you make a hard-earned investment on the latest tech.

Read ahead as we break down everything you need to know about insurance for student’s and the great reasons why you should be adding it to your Uni checklist. You won’t regret this one…

1. Students are a target for criminals 

You might not think it, but students tend to own a lot of expensive belongings.

From computers, to TVs, and games consoles, pricey gadgets are a feature of university accommodation. Thieves can see students coming a mile off – with almost one in 10 students experiencing a break-in.

Of course, you should protect yourself against burglars by securing your doors and windows – but if you’re living in shared accommodation, you won’t always have a handle on who’s welcomed into your property. If you’re in an HMO, there might not be a lock on your bedroom door. Student contents insurance gives you added peace of mind.

2. Accidental damage is likely to happen

Try as you might to avoid it, we’re all guilty of dropping our phone or spilling coffee on our laptop at one point. Whether you’re taking your new camera out to capture the highlights of fresher’s week or scrolling through your iPad in the kitchen as you follow a messy Bolognese recipe – accidental damage is hard to avoid. 

If you have student contents insurance, you can get your broken item replaced without the stress of having to save up to buy a new one.

3. Your valuables will be costly to replace

It’s easy to underestimate the value of your belongings. Replacing a laptop, phone, or tablet will obviously cost a lot – likely more than you can afford on a student income. That’s on top of all the hassle you don’t want or need.

Equally, if you misplace your earbuds at the library, accidentally break your hairdryer, or have your jacket stolen on a night out – the small things can start to add up, too. Most insurance policies for students protect all your belongings against theft, loss, and damage – and you can add on big-ticket items separately.

4. It’s cost effective and easy to shop around for the best deal

There are loads of student contents insurance providers to choose from. When it comes to grabbing the best deal, it’s best to have a sit down and compare prices online so that you can find the perfect package to suit your needs.

5. You might not be covered by your parents’ home insurance policy (but check)

It’s a common misconception that your belongings are automatically covered by your parents’ home insurance. While you should be covered by your parent’s home insurance if you live at home while studying – it’s not always the case if you’re living in university accommodation.

It doesn’t take a minute to check. Just ask the policy holder to look into it for you.

If you are covered, it’s still worth getting a quote for your own contents insurance as this could still work out cheaper overall (plus, they might be keen to preserve their no-claims bonus).

If you are not covered, ask your parents to check how much it would be to add you to their policy – and compare this with the cost of setting up your own policy.

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