Here! is more than student accommodation. Our mission is to help you get the best you can out of your time as a student. We want you to enjoy a new city or country. Make friends and memories for life. Feel supported and confident. Study, socialise, learn, grow. We want Here! to be the place where you thrive.

Who we are

Here! Student Living are a dedicated team of individuals committed to ensuring your lifestyle is as stress-free and as full as possible during your further education studies. And we do this through a national collection of high-quality accommodation residences offering state of the art facilities, quiet places to study, private en-suite bedrooms with every home comfort you could wish for and a vast array of activities and events to help you connect to like-minded individuals.

Our Values

At Here! Student Living, we stand for core brand values of Community. Accessibility and Sustainability. Three pillars that inspire our brand name through everything we do. Alongside our Residence Teams, we help shape and contribute to our community, giving back in the most environmentally friendly way, whilst being on hand with 1-2-1 support with your studies, accommodation maintenance or something more personal.

  • Accessibility
  • Community
  • Sustainability

Our team

We’re a dedicated team of individuals with over 50 years’ collective experience. Everything we’ve learnt, along with our enthusiasm and passion, has helped us create the very best living experiences. We also work with expert third-party companies who have helped us design unique buildings, with looks and feels suiting each diverse location. At the same time, we make sure they feel homely and welcoming. We want life in our buildings and cities to be stress-free – and days and nights filled with opportunities to connect, grow and thrive.