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We’re sure you have some questions so take a look at our most asked…


It’s absolutely right to have lots of questions about living with Here!… here’s the best place to start quizzing us on how to book and what living with us is really like.

Booking Student Accommodation

Where can I find a copy of your booking T&Cs?
How do I book?
Can I choose a certain room?
Can we book as a group?
How do I find out who I am living with?
When can I move in?
What deposit do I need?
What is the cancellation policy?
How do I book a viewing online?
What if I have additional needs?

Paying for your student accommodation

What happens if my student loan is late?
How can I pay for my rent?
How can I pay if I’m an overseas student?

Living Here

What do I do if I am not totally satisfied?
Can I have pets?
Can I order bedding and kitchen packs?
Do I need a TV Licence?
What is the policy on guests staying in my room?
Will my student flat be cleaned?
How do I log repairs?
Can I smoke?
How do I connect to the internet?
Are my possessions insured?
Government Guidelines
Are any items banned on site?
Will anyone else access my room?
How big is the fridge in the studio? And is there any freezer space?
Can I bring my rice cooker/electric pressure cooker?
Do you do airport pick up services?
Is there any Tenancy Takeover? What is the application process?

Moving out of your student accommodation

Will my room be inspected?
Do I need to move out over Christmas and Easter holidays?
Can I stay in my room over the summer?

Our Affiliates

Client money protection
Property redress scheme

Our student accommodation

What size is a small double bed?
How do I collect my post?
Is visitor parking available?
Is there laundry on-site?