Practical Ideas for your Student House

Here are a few practical solutions that will help turn your student house into a homely one.

After a long day of lectures or a day parked up in the university library, it is important that you can return to your student house and it feels cosy and comfortable. The last thing you want is for your house to feel plain and soulless. Here are a few practical solutions that will help turn your student house into a homely one.


Hopefully, you have good natural lightning – if so, keep those blinds open throughout the house from the moment you get up until the sun goes down. In your bedroom, get a bedside lamp or two depending on how much space you have. It is a much better option later in the day than having the main lights blasting down. Similarly, a floor line would be a good addition to the living room for the same reason. Fairy lights around your room will bring warmth.


A few plants around the place can really brighten up rooms and a house generally. They are soothing and aesthetically pleasing. There is little upkeep and if you can get into the habit of watering them regularly – it’s worth it! Make sure though, before you purchase a plant or two, that there is enough lighting for them to thrive and that the house isn’t too hot. Go for plants that are hard to kill and don’t need too much upkeep, such as cacti or spider plants, lots of websites now have advice on ‘unkillable’ plants, so have a look and see which indestructible greenery suits you.

Make the place smell better

All it takes are a few small investments. Reed diffusers, candles, incense, and aroma diffusers are methods you can use to create a refreshing aroma in your house. Just a couple of additions can turn a rancid residence into an aromatic abode. Just make sure that you are allowed to burn candles or incense before you do so!

Shoe rack

The UK is known for its rainy weather. This combined with coming back and forth from campus and nights out will lead to wet floors and muddy carpets. To prevent this, purchase a shoe rack and have no shoes inside your room, or at least the parts where mucky footwear might leave stains. This will keep your floors and carpets clean, as well as reduce the amount you need to get the mop out. A good absorbent doormat may also help with keeping your floors clean.

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