Moving away from home is a big moment for everyone, and it can seem like a scary task – especially if you’re moving country too. We also understand university can be a challenging time. New classes. New people. New city. However, we also know that it can be the best time of your life – and that is our goal.


When you stay with us, we want you to love it. We want you to feel happy and confident and leave with amazing memories and friends. This is why we put so much time, effort, love, and care into everything we create and offer – and in our selection process for who we partner with. Our third-party operator, Fresh, values student welfare as much as we do and will provide a wellbeing plan at all of our locations.

Be supported

The stress of being away from your home and loved ones, and pressures of everyday life can be overwhelming at times which is why we are always on hand to offer help and support, with services available throughout your stay with us.

Event calendar

To create a sense of community where you can feel welcomed and connected at all times, we have an extensive events calendar to make sure there is always something happening, and always opportunities to be and feel part of the community. You can get involved in as much, or as little as you fancy, so whether you’re a fitness fanatic, want to learn a new skill or take part in wellbeing activities, we have a variety of events for you to join.