The Expectation vs. Reality of Student Accommodation

For many first year students coming out of university accommodation and going into their 2nd year of study, the expectation is that moving into privately rented accommodation is the only or cheapest option.

WRONG! Sorry for shouting but… there are so many other options, including staying with Here! Student Living, where you can enjoy an en-suite room and on-site facilities as standard, and all for less money than renting privately.

Really! We’ve done the maths and the reality is, when you add up everything that is included with Here! Student Living like the gym and the convenient locations, we are cheaper than the average privately rented accommodation in all the cities where we have our premium Here! Student accommodation. And that doesn’t even include the priceless benefits of having an on-site gym, en-suite rooms, never missing a parcel delivery, on-site security, events, dedicated study space, the list goes on…

You can also relax knowing the price you pay will never change with our all-inclusive rental cost – particularly important when energy bills are on the rise (find out more in our How to save money on your energy bills blog, spoiler alert, one of them is living with us!)

Have a look for yourself to see how much money you can save:

Here! Glasgow – save up to £910.35 a year staying with us

Here! Cardiff – save up to £220.58 a year staying with us

Here! Exeter – save up to £168.06 a year staying with us

So Here’s to living comfortably in your university accommodation. We are all about creating quality student homes as unique as the people who live in them, but all with one thing in common… friendly, attentive staff who take care of everything and make you feel at home so you’re free to enjoy your student life.

Sound good?

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Cost calculated on 30th November 2020. Average monthly rental prices supplied by and offer an average all inclusive price for each of the cities (Exeter, Cardiff and Glasgow).

Travel costs calculated on the average student travel card for each city. Gym membership costs calculated on 3 city centre based gyms in each location, taking an average of the 3. Cinema ticket costs based on 3 local cinema student ticket prices, taking an average of the 3.

Exact breakdowns and sources can be provided upon request

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