Swiss Army Student: 15 Handy household tools you didn’t know existed but should spend your student loan on

Once you’ve moved into your new student accommodation, and you’ve received your student loan, you can fill up the house will all the things you need.

Here is a list of handy household tools and gadgets you can spend your student loan on!

  • Fill-and-clean scrubber – Fill the handle with washing up liquid and it will automatically dispense the exact amount you need and no more.
  • Mash potato ricer – This should not be missed from any potato lover’s kitchen. It’s multipurpose too – it can be used to make fruit juice as well.
  • Portable label maker – You can easily label your items in your fridge now. Your housemates will think twice before taking your schnitzel again.
  • Electric pepper grinder – This will make you feel like a boss in the kitchen. You’ll keep your food well-seasoned and keep your surfaces tidy at the same time.
  • Reusable food bags – Unlike their plastic counterparts, these washable and reusable food bags are better for the environment.
  • Surge protector power strip – This extension cord will protect your electronics and give you the option of USB ports.
  • Folding cutting board – Once you’ve cut the vegetables for that curry or pasta source, fold the board, and pour the veg into the pan. Easy days!
  • Egg poacher cups – Silicone egg cups can ensure that you get the perfect eggs. They are heat resistant, easy to wash, and the non-stick means those eggs won’t be splitting when it’s time to serve.
  • Pizza scissors – Keep your costs down and avoid ordering takeaway pizza. Instead, go to a supermarket and get an oven pizza, or make your own. These scissors will make cutting your pizza effortless.

Refrigerator deodorizer – There is nothing worse than a smelly fridge. The deodoriser will remove any odours from your fridge and will eliminate mould and bacteria that linger from previous dinner leftovers.

  • Cheese grater with container – Instead of spilling grated cheese all over your kitchen, get a cheese grater with a detachable container base for mess-free grating.
  • Handheld steamer – No ironing board needed! This will save you loads of time and will ensure you don’t turn up to lectures looking like a complete scruff.
  • Digital kitchen scale – High precision kitchen scales will help you cook the perfect dishes for dinner parties or everyday cooking.
  • Kitchen blade brush – You’ll be glad that you bought this. You do not want to end up in hospital having cut yourself washing a kitchen knife used to slice an avocado. The wrap-around design will keep even the clumsiest of customers safe.
  • Egg peeler – The easy peeler effortlessly cracks, peels, and removes the remaining shell from your hard-boiled egg. Simple, but effective.